Dekraft was founded by Takun Arrosid & Yodhi Prasetyo who started know each other when they were in college. After they finished degree, they seek work experience in photography and videography especially in wedding industry. In 2012, they established Dekraft based on same mission and vision, consistent with the experience they have built. Dekraft are based in Jakarta, Indonesia but also travel around the world.

Combining the two strong characters from different visual perspectives as founder and owner, Dekraft want to capture image that tells a special story & become tangible feelings shared between the bride & groom. As small team with big dream, Dekraft always like to try new things in developing creative idea for their clients’ needs so that their work of art looks evermore natural and modern.

dekraft - Yodhi Prasetyo High Res

Yodhi Prasetyo

Co-Founder & Photographer

Who loves spontaneity and uniqueness, as well as having a delightful personality and is always cheerful in taking a moment during work. Aside from his activities, Yodhi likes riding his vespa touring to a couple cities. One of his dreams, he wants to ride his vespa from Indonesia to Himalaya someday.

dekraft - Takun Arrosid High Res

Takun Arrosid

Co-Founder & Videographer

As a calm person, he particularly likes to the details and attentive to his surrounding ambiance when taking a moment. Beside photography, he is also interested in black and grey color, fashion, interior design and modern art painting. There is one thing which until now he has not achieved yet: someday he wants to make a movie and receive an award from international film festival.



dekraft - Fajar Ilhamsyah High Res

Fajar Ilhamsyah

Finance Manager


dekraft - Indriyani Utami High Res

Indriyani Utami

Graphic Designer


dekraft - Ressa Giant High Res

Ressa Giant

 Senior Editor & Videographer


dekraft - Dhenny Ananda High Res

Dhenny Ananda

Social Media Consultant


dekraft - Afi Wicaksono High Res

Afi Wicaksono